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Listener Picks: Art and artificial intelligence

This photo illustration shows the DALL-E website on a cellphone, in front of an AI image created using DALL-E technology displayed on a computer screen.

You see a painting that takes your breath away. The colors are loud and vibrant, the details are meticulous. Beside a Monet or a Matisse, it has no trouble holding its own spotlight. In short, you are moved. 

Then you find out it was made by artificial intelligence. 

How do you feel about the painting now? If you’re not entirely sure, you’re not alone. 

A.I. art has made major gains in the past couple of years. Amateur users can now use tools like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney, both programs released last year, to create complicated art. 

But they’ve also created a lot of controversy—particularly among artists who say A.I. is using their artwork without their consent. 

What does it mean for a machine to create a piece of art in minutes that would take the average human artist weeks to make?

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Haili Blassingame