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Live NPR Special Coverage: Iowa Caucuses 2024

The first contest of this Presidential election year kicks off with the Iowa caucuses tonight. Live NPR special coverage starts tonight at 6:00 pm MT.

The Iowa caucuses take place at community centers, libraries, schools, churches, and the like in communities across the state.

The Iowa Republican presidential caucuses are taking place tonight, beginning at 6 pm ET. Democrats will also be caucusing on January 15, but they won’t be casting votes for president then. Instead, they will be using mail-in ballots and will tally those votes by Tuesday, March 5.

Coverage will be hosted by NPR's Ayesha Rascoe and Scott Detrow.

Also joining the coverage: NPR Senior Political Editor and Correspondent Domenico Montanaro, NPR National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson, NPR Political Correspondents Sarah McCammon and Danielle Kurtzleben as well as Iowa Public Radio reporters Sheila Brummer and Zachary Oren Smith. and Minnesota Public Radio's Clay Masters.