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Abortion politics are threatening America's lifesaving international HIV program

Somewhere close to 25 million lives have been saved worldwide thanks to a scheme, launched by then-President George W. Bush, 20 years ago. 

PEPFAR is widely regarded as one of the most successful global health programs in U.S. history. But it’s back in the news.  

Last month, this flagship bipartisan program to combat HIV and AIDS abroad was given a one-year reprieve in a spending bill passed by Congress.Critics have raised concerns about how the funds are being used overseas.

It means that for the first time since its launch, the program has been reauthorized for fewer than five years.That’s a big concern for an organization like the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Set up in 1992, it’s raised over $600 million to support HIV-related programs across 90 countries. 

Jenn White sits down withthe foundation’s CEO, Anne Aslett, and its chair, David Furnish, Elton John’s husband.

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