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Launchpad opens "Crosscurrents" show


Carbondale’s Launchpad gallery will be opening its latest show tonight. “Crosscurrents” explores how daily parts of life, like water and the sky can help to interpret life in a greater sense.


The piece “Crossing Longitudes” is a visceral composition. A string of barbed wire makes a fence, with bronze tumbleweeds are stuck in the edges - stopped in their tracks. This installation by Meris Baretto is just one of the pieces being shown at the Launchpad.


Lynette O’Kane is the curator of show, and childhood friend of Baretto. She says the show was inspired the small things in her life that she only could make sense of as she grew older.


“You look at your life and you start to see these patterns," says O'Kane. "These divergent paths that you think are going nowhere, that feed your life and in fact over time made a pattern.”


The show also features the work of O’Kane and Wendy Prellwitz. It runs until November 6th.


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