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Hickenlooper exposes “warts and all” in memoir

Patrick Fort
Aspen Public Radio

Governor John Hickenlooper’s book “The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics” was released earlier this year. He spoke with Aspen Public Radio arts reporter Patrick Fort before a book signing in Aspen last week.

  On the “new” Colorado…

“Colorado still has a strong blend of conservative and liberal. I’m pretty liberal socially, but I’m pretty conservative fiscally. I’m kind of a representation of the old Colorado as well. I’ve had more interface with the new tech industries. I get a lot of credit of Lower Downtown — probably more than I deserve — of the renaissance of that area. That’s an example of the new Colorado.”

On his favorite part of writing the book…

“I have to say that I did love getting to write even though I’m not a good writer. I loved going through my whole life — cataloging my good decisions and bad decisions. Looking bad with a clear eye. Was I a good actor or a bad actor?”


Patrick Fort grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, nurturing a love for ice hockey and deli sandwiches. After moving to Colorado in 2010 to attend the University of Colorado to study music, Patrick discovered his love for journalism. In 2013, Patrick created and hosted the award-winning radio program Colorado Stories, a news program that covered CU and the surrounding community. An avid mountain and road cyclist, Patrick also referees youth ice hockey. He loves '60s pop bands and and trying new recipes ranging from milk-braised carnitas to flourless cakes.