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Cold War Kids play two Aspen shows this weekend

Dan Monnick

This weekend, indie-rock band Cold War Kids will play two shows in Aspen.

The California-based band has released six records. The most recent is called LA DIVINE. Nathan Willett is the band’s singer, piano player and guitarist. He says the band has written most of their music collaboratively. This was the first time he wrote an album for the band on his own.

Not every record was “fun" for Cold War Kids to make. He says the band’s third record “Mine Is Yours” was the most challenging.


“There was a couple years there where I was really questioning whether this thing was supposed to keep happening," said Willett. "Which I think all the more why now,13 years or whatever into being a band, it really does feel like coming out the other end.”


Cold War Kids plays at the Aspen Sports-Gondola Plaza as part of the Budlight Hi-Fi Concert Series Saturday and at the Belly Up Sunday. Both shows begin at 7 p.m.