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Cheryl Donegan's Fashion Line Hits The Runway At The AAM

Max Lakner

A new fashion collection commissioned by the Aspen Art Museum will be on display Monday night. Artist Cheryl Donegan’s garments are inspired by New York City street art.  


Donegan is a multi-media artist who has worked with video, performance and painting.  Her fashion line uses the motif of graffiti sprayed on air conditioning grills in New York City.  

“If they’re on ground level, kids graffiti them and they’ll crush the grating on the air conditioner vent itself. Some people would think they’re an eyesore, and I think they’re beautiful,” she said.

Every piece in the collection started as either an extra large T-shirt or a silk slipdress. Donegan distorted and layered pictures she took of the air conditioning grills using Photoshop. She then superimposed the images onto the clothes. Finally, she cut up and stitched the fabrics back together to create different styles.  


After local models don the garments Monday, some apparel will be on display alongside Donegan’s paintings in an exhibit called “GRLZ+VEILS.”



Contributor Christin Kay is passionate about the rich variety of arts, cultural experiences and stories in the Roaring Fork Valley. She has been a devotee of public radio her whole life. Christin is a veteran of Aspen Public Radio, serving as producer, reporter and interim news director.
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