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Andrew And Annette Roberts-Gray Look To The Future At Carbondale Clay Center


The show “In The Year 2525” opens this week at the Carbondale Clay Center. It features collaborative works from local husband-and-wife artists Andrew and Annette Roberts-Gray. They were inspired by the idea of dystopia, and by a 1960s pop song.


The new exhibit takes its name from the Zager and Evans hit “In The Year 2525.” Andrew says that he and Annette were on a camping trip this summer when the song got stuck in their heads.

"I just began to think of how, when I was young, how much it made me sort of think, with its hippie dystopianism, about the worries of the future," he said.

They thought it would make the perfect theme for a collaborative show. To create their pieces, Annette painted watercolor scenes and then handed them over to Andrew to add other elements, like screenprinting and sculpture. She says the process was challenging but fun.

"I’ll make a beautiful little scene, and then Andrew will put some dystopian thing over it," she laughed.

“In the Year 2525” goes on display Friday.  An opening reception will be held on Jan. 11.




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