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Author Speaks About The Humanity Of Refugees



Author Lee Bycel says the human stories from refugees themselves is being missed in today’s coverage of immigration. The humanitarian activist, Rabbi and teacher has written a book highlighting those stories. He’ll be talking about “Refugees in America: Stories of Courage, Resilience and Hope In Their Own Words" Monday evening at the Aspen Institute.

Eleven refugees to the United States tell Bycel their stories. Some have happy endings. Some are full of struggle and some are just beginning. But, Bycel says they have one thing in common, they're real.

"I find the human story in every way has lost its place in our societies," Bycel said. "This book is an attempt to say before you enter into a political discussion about refugees let’s make sure we’re talking about real people”

One common thread in “Refugees in America” is hope.

”A refugee from Eritrea, first refugee ever to speak at the graduation ceremony at the University of San Francisco ... said hope is the oxygen of my life. They all give me perspective. And they all have a lot to teach.”

Bycel talks about “Refugees in America” Monday evening at 6:30 p.m. at the Madeline K. Albright Pavillion.