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Artists Scott Keating And Nancy Lovendahl Find Freedom In Collaboration For 'Open Juncture'

Nancy Lovendahl

Nancy Lovendahl and Scott Keating have been partners in work and life for... well, even they can’t agree on how long. 

"Being two artists married for 45 years," said Keating, "and working together all that time—"


"Well, it’s more like thirty years," said Lovendahl.

A new exhibit at the Carbondale Clay Center showcases collaborative work from Lovendahl and Keating, along with four other local metal and clay artists.


Lovendahl, a ceramicist and sculptor, and Keating, a metal artist and jewelry maker, worked together on two new projects for "Open Juncture: Metal + Clay," which opens Friday evening. Lovendahl created ceramic works that explore water issues, and Keating cast jewelry pieces in bronze; both projects incorporate “jewels” in the shape of a mountain, which they co-crafted. 

Credit Nancy Lovendahl
Scott Keating holds a ring he created, along with Nancy Lovendahl, for "Open Juncture: Metal Clay."

The two artists have collaborated for decades; Keating says over time, the respect between them has deepened.

"I think that’s where we really help each other, going back and forth, saying, "What do you think about this, what do you think about that?" he said.


Lovendahl says the pair pushed each other to experiment with new forms and materials for the show. 

"To really stand back and look at a bigger view of what could be accomplished is where we help each other the most," she said.

Editor's note: Due to weather, a reception for “Open Juncture: Metal + Clay” will now be held Friday, February 21 at 6 p.m. 





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