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'Born To Run' Author Christopher McDougall Discusses 'Running With Sherman' In Aspen

Aspen Words

Author Christopher McDougall’s best-seller “Born To Run” looked at what an obscure tribe of elite runners in Mexico could teach ultra-marathoners. He’s in town Tuesday to discuss what it's like to run with a donkey.


His new book, “Running with Sherman,” delves into the animal-human connection, particularly the one between McDougall and his running partner, a donkey the author rescued. 

He says the experience taught him about communication, despite the fact that Sherman can’t talk. 

"It actually improves things," he said. "How often do we find ourselves in a spat, and we’re just waiting for the other person to stop talking so we can jump in with our opinion? But take the words away, and you have to really try to understand what the other creature’s experiencing."


McDougall says he doesn't consider himself an "animal person." However, he credits Sherman with changing his outlook.


"It forces you to lock in and be patient and observe and slow down," he said, "and I feel that hopefully it’s really gotten into my bloodstream."

McDougall visits Paepcke auditorium at 6 p.m. as a part of the Winter Words series from Aspen Words. 






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