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At Anderson Ranch's 'Thinker Thursdays,' Creativity In Many Different Forms Takes The Stage

Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Anderson Ranch Art Center’s Thinker Thursdays series continues Thursday evening. The event highlights different forms of creativity from community members. Last month’s inaugural event saw presenters discuss everything from photography to science to distance running.

Anderson Ranch’s Andrea Wallace helped coordinate the series. She said that the topics may have been different, but the themes were the same.

"Their stories all carried the same energy in terms of passion of what they’re pursuing," she said, "and creativity in the way they live their lives."

In this Thursday's “Creative Rounds” format, participants discuss 15 images for 15 seconds each. Presenters include artists, a mountain guide and a high school student.

Wallace says the diversity of experiences is part of the draw. 


"It recognizes all of the amazing people that we have in the community and in the valley, and it really brings people together and recognizes their stories," she said.


The event begins at 4 p.m. in Schermer Meeting Hall.