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Lawmakers work together to pass bills to curb Colorado's opioid crisis


President Trump recently declared the opioid crisis a nationwide public health emergency. Colorado lawmakers are poised to take more action on the topic than ever before.


Lawmakers agreed to a slate of bills this week aimed at curbing Colorado’s opioid crisis. Advocates say they’ve never seen more engagement or thoughtfulness on the issue from both political parties. Dr. Robert Valuck heads the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention.


“The attention has never been higher and that’s both good and bad,” Valuck said. “The reason is because we have a very serious public health problem. But the attention being paid to it now is really one of the only things you will see at any level of government where partisan politics largely get checked at the door.”


Four of the six bills passed the interim committee on opioid use unanimously. As a whole, Valuck said the bills will work together to make a big difference covering many facets of the problem from educating health care providers to getting more treatment options.


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