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Colorado Governor Jared Polis was in Aspen last Friday, the same day it was announced that an effort to recall him in his first year of office failed.



Gov. Polis says he'll still closely watch the recall efforts against other Democratic lawmakers, and hopes those recalls will fail as well.  Then, he says, he wants to re-focus on issues like transportation, education and healthcare costs. 

After a five-month search, Sara Ott was named the new city manager. 

Ott was the top choice out of a field of 64 candidates. 

City of Aspen

After a five-month search, Aspen’s interim city manager, Sara Ott, was officially named the new city manager at Tuesday’s council meeting. 

Ott was the assistant city manager under her predecessor Steve Barwick. She was appointed interim city manager when Barwick was asked to resign in January after holding the position for 19 years.

Elizabeth Stewart-Severy / Aspen Journalism


The 2019 legislative session in Colorado included a major focus on climate policy, and Gov. Jared Polis has a plan to move the state’s electric grid to 100 percent renewable energy by 2040. 

Will Toor, executive director of the Colorado Energy Office, is in Aspen on Wednesday to discuss that plan and how states can address climate change. 

Middle Mamm Fire / Facebook

A public meeting will be held Tuesday evening to update the public on the progress of the Middle Mamm Fire. 

The Upper Colorado River Fire and Aviation Management Unit said the meeting will address fire management strategies, and allow the public to ask fire managers and forest service officials questions. 

Holy Cross Energy

Holy Cross Energy announced plans to develop a wind farm in Eastern Colorado that will nearly double the electric co-op’s supply of renewable energy. 

Holy Cross will buy wind energy from the soon-to-be-constructed Arriba Wind Farm in Lincoln County. That energy will be enough to supply about 30 percent of Holy Cross’ annual energy requirements.



Attorney General Phil Weiser sent out a statement last week promising to protect Colorado’s air quality after the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, announced it will rollback standards for reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations. 


“The EPA’s proposal to reverse these standards to curb methane emissions is misguided and ignores the requests from the oil and gas industry to keep them in place," Weiser said. 


A 2017 survery reports over 50 percent of students in the Roaring Fork Valley have used an electronic vapor product, like an e-cigarette. Now, local municipalities are taking action against youth nicotine use.

Elise Thatcher

The Elections Division at the Colorado's Secretary of State's office announced Thursday that Coloradans will ultimately decide how the state casts its electoral vote for presidential candidates in 2020. 

Glenwood Springs Fire Department

A wildland fire started outside of Glenwood Springs and forced evacuations Wednesday.   The cause is under investigation. 

Sunrise Court Fire Updates

Aug 28, 2019
Glenwood Springs Fire Department

Update - 11:30 a.m.

Glenwood Springs Fire Department said the Sunrise Court Fire burned 19.7 acres Wednesday. Cool temperatures throughout late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning helped cool the fire. 

USDA Forest Service

As some prepare for camping or barbecues over Labor Day weekend, forest officials are reminding residents and visitors to take steps to prevent wildfires.



White River National Forest officials said the number of human-caused wildfires spike over Labor Day weekend.

US Ski and Snowboard

Some of the best ski racers in the world will visit Aspen in March when Aspen Snowmass hosts the 2020 U.S. Alpine Tech Championships. 

Garfield County

The Garfield County commissioners meet with the planning commission Wednesday to discuss the housing element of the 2030 comprehensive plan.

Town of Basalt

26 local governments in the U.S., and over 900 worldwide, have declared a climate emergency. Tuesday, Basalt votes on whether to become the first place in the Roaring Fork Valley to do so. 


The Eagle County Board of Commissioners will vote on two resolutions Tuesday aimed at limiting the use of tobacco and nicotine products for younger users.


The town of Glenwood Springs has expressed concerns about a limestone mining company's plan to expand operations.  

Ken Burns Goes Country

Aug 23, 2019

For over 40 years, documentarian Ken Burns has examined the Civil War, the Vietnam War and the history of jazz in painstakingly-researched films.

Plague Fears Cancel Camping At Denver Phish Show

Aug 22, 2019

Thousands of people who planned to camp during three days of Phish concerts at a stadium outside Denver will no longer be able to because of concerns that fleas in and around nearby prairie dog burrows could spread the plague.


The Aspen City Council is looking for public input on three different affordable housing projects.

The three projects are spread throughout Pitkin County: Burlingame Ranch, Water Place and Lumberyard.