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Elizabeth Stewart-Severy / Aspen Public Radio


Four boats carrying an invasive species of mussels were stopped before entering the water at Ruedi Reservoir.


Inspectors at the Ruedi boat ramp spotted quagga mussels on four boats that had previously been at Lake Powell, which has been infested with the destructive animals for several years. 

Elizabeth Stewart-Severy / Aspen Public Radio


The Roaring Fork River is expected to reach peak flow this week. It could mean flooding and dangerous conditions, but it also provides environmental benefits.


The large snowpack in high elevations is finally melting and filling local reservoirs and rivers. Storage space in Twin Lakes Reservoir will reach capacity by July 4, so water that is now being diverted there will instead flow down the Roaring Fork. 

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

One year ago, on June 3, 2018, the Lake Christine fire started at the Basalt shooting range. It eventually burned over 12,000 acres, forced thousands of residents to evacuate and destroyed three homes.  Fire officials say, now, it’s time for homeowners to take action before another fire.

Courtesy of Robert Hinch

Researchers are seeing red flags in the health of Colorado’s elk herds, and new research aims to understand the role that recreation plays in declining wildlife numbers. Reporter Elizabeth Stewart-Severy broke down the details of that research with Aspen Public Radio’s Zoe Rom. 


Ross Kribbs

Joshua Johnson and the 1A team visited Aspen Public Radio's lawn party at the Red Brick Center for the Arts last week.  

Host Johnson and the show's executive producer, Rupert Allman, took questions from Aspen Public Radio reporter Christin Kay about what goes on behind the scenes of 1A and about the show's mission to include the voices and stories of its listeners.  

Courtesy of Will Cardamone


A United Nations report in May warned that a million plant and animal species are threatened with extinction, worldwide. The biggest cause of that threat, it said, is the way humans have destroyed or modified the lands and oceans where these species live. Aspen Public Radio is collaborating with Aspen Journalism to produce a series of stories centered on local biodiversity and efforts to identify the Roaring Fork Valley’s best remaining wild lands for our wild creatures.



The Aspen Ideas Health conference has a new series of discussions that focus on local issues.

It kicks off with a look at the Roaring Fork Valley’s affordable housing crisis and its potential impacts on residents’ health.  


The other two discussions will explore the emotional toll of climate change and how to support the mental health of first responders.


High Country News/hcn.org

Overnight camping permits for the popular Conundrum Hot Springs will be available next week. The permits are for trips from August until the end of November.

Avalanches over the winter damaged the trailhead and parking lot, closing them for repairs until later this month.



Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Faced with problems like cyber-bullying, fake news and social media addiction, schools are dedicating class time to teaching students how to use digital tools responsibly.

While the approaches of schools in the Roaring Fork Valley may differ, they share the same goal of teaching kids to be good digital citizens.

Update: 11:56 a.m.: One lane of westbound I-70 through Glenwood Canyon is now open.  The right lane remains closed due to rockfall.  

Both lanes of eastbound I-70 are open. 

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Democratic house representatives Julie McCluskey and Dylan Roberts and Republican Perry Will emphasized how cooperation between the parties led to a productive session.

They told an audience of nearly 25 at the Basalt Library last night that of the 400 bills passed, nearly all had bipartisan support.

Rocky Mountain Preschool Coalition

On Tuesday, Basalt hears from a group trying to solve one of the toughest problems facing the Roaring Fork Valley: affordable and accessible early childhood education.


They're proposing a special tax district from Aspen to Parachute to fund preschool for all kids.  



Snowpack in every part of Colorado’s high country is sporting layers of dust, according to a new statewide survey of the state’s winter accumulation.

“This is a low frequency dust season,” wrote Jeff Derry, head of the Colorado Dust on Snow Program, in a post about the survey results. “But may be a high consequence snowmelt season.”

Eagle County

Eagle County Commissioners visited the site of a potential elementary or middle school in El Jebel earlier this week.

It’s the first step in a years-long process.


Eagle County is extending their partnership with nonprofit Valley Settlement to address a severe shortage of early childcare educators.

Two blocks of 7th Street in Glenwood Springs close to traffic on Monday for construction and won’t reopen until July 4. The area, however, will remain open to pedestrians. It’s part of an effort to spruce up downtown.

Vintage Ski World Sells Pieces Of Ski History

Feb 27, 2019
Vintage Ski World

From the outside, the storage unit near Carbondale that houses Vintage Ski World looks the same as the others. The space inside, which is roughly the size of a tennis court, is packed full of antique ski gear.

The Roaring Fork Conservancy is hosting a discussion on cloud-seeding Thursday.



Aspen Voters Decide Future Of Lift 1A

Feb 27, 2019

Next Tuesday, Aspen voters will decide the future of the Lift One Corridor project. It’s a face-lift for Lift 1A  that would extend the bottom of the historic chairlift into town.

Consultant To Analyze Pan And Fork Proposal

Feb 27, 2019

Basalt has hired a consultant to analyze the financials of a potential development on the controversial Pan and Fork property.