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Community Advisory Committee

Aspen Public Radio has a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) that is in compliance with the requirements of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The purpose of the advisory committee is to provide a vehicle for community input to station management about station programming and impact on the community. The purpose of a CAC is as a content advisory and support role only - no fiduciary or decision-making powers are granted.

The Aspen Public Radio Community Advisory Committee meeting dates, times and locations will be posted on the front page of our website and broadcast on Aspen Public Radio at least seven days before the meeting. All CAC meetings are open to the public.

CAC meetings are typically held at 8:30 a.m. on the first Tuesdays of February, May, and November at the Red Brick Conference Room, 110 E Hallam Street in Aspen. Dates may be changed, but there is a seven-day notice. Call 970-920-9000 for more information. If you are interested in joining the CAC or have questions, please contact Operations/Program Manager Daniel Costello.

The current members of the committee are:

Marci Krivonen
Riley Tippet
Andy Popinchalk
Ziska Childs
Michelle Kiley
Stefan Reveal
Sarah Shaw