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The Final Dish on Takah Sushi

In 1981 sushi wasn’t the popular cuisine it would become. But, that was the year Aspen’s first such restaurant – Takah Sushi – opened. Aspen Public Radio’s Rob St. Mary has more on the long-time establishment that closed earlier this spring.

Credit Rob St. Mary
Takah Sushi owner Casey Kaufman helps former customers purchase items from her restaurant on Wednesday. She opened the business with her then-husband in 1981. The long-time Aspen restaurant stopped serving this spring, and Kaufman is holding the final sale of its wears today (Thursday).

And today marks the final day for Casey Kaufman in the space on the Cooper Avenue Mall as the plates, serving trays and even the art on the walls are available for sale after more than three decades in business. Yesterday afternoon, former patrons looked over stacks of items on the dining tables as a mix of songs by the Beatles played through the restaurant.

Kaufman was handing cash sales at a table near the front door when I caught up with her.

(Interview with Casey Kaufman)

The final plates and other pieces of Takah Sushi are expected to be sold off today.

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