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Scholarship Money Authorized For Garfield County Colorado Mountain College Students

Colorado Mountain College

For the second year, Garfield County Board of Commissioners authorized the Colorado Mountain College Foundation to apply on the county’s behalf for $75,000 in scholarship funds.

The state’s Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative, or COSI, provides scholarship funds for 501c3 nonprofit organizations to administer. Each such nonprofit must be authorized by a county partner to apply for the funds, and then the nonprofit pledges to provide matching funds.

COSI’s $75,000 for Garfield County will be matched by Colorado Mountain College, totaling over $150,000 in scholarships.

Matt Gianneschi, the college’s chief operating officer, says the scholarship money is for need-based financial aid for Garfield County residents. 

“They’re not just for traditional-aged students. They are for any Garfield County resident with demonstrated financial need at any of our campuses,” Gianneschi said at the Garfield County Board of Commissioners meeting on Monday, Jan. 4. 

The Colorado Mountain College Foundation must still apply for the funds this spring.

Correction: An earlier version of this story reported that Garfield County authorized $75,000 of its own funds for the Colorado Mountain College Foundation.