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Local Schools Could Miss Out If Residents Skip Census

Every ten years, people all over the country take part in the census, a national headcount that decides how government resources are distributed that's responsible for bringing 13 billion dollars of federal funding to Colorado. 

School districts in Pitkin, Eagle and Garfield County received 25 million dollars from the last census, which took place in 2010.  Aspen School District received $1.4 million from the previous census. $11.7 million went to the Roaring Fork School District.

The district’s public information officer Kelsy Been says the census money helps fund school nutrition programs and support for students with special needs.

“We receive a lot of funding that the census impacts and so of course we care a lot about making sure everyone participates," Been said. 

Rachel Brenneman from the Aspen to Parachute Complete Count Committee says schools could miss out on funding if people don’t participate in this year’s census.

“For every person that doesn’t complete the census, Colorado loses $2,300 per person per year," she said.

Local census officials say that could impact funding for schools, hospitals and health and human service programs.

The 2020 census opens on March 12 for online, phone and mail-in responses.