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English in Action: Immigrant Voices 2024

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This event was recorded on February 8, 2024 at The Arts Campus at Willits (TACAW) presented by English in Action, in partnership with Aspen Public Radio.

Local nonprofit organization English In Action brought its signature storytelling experience, Immigrant Voices, back to TACAW. This event provides a unique opportunity for six immigrant community members, including English In Action students, to raise their voices and share a part of their lives with our audience.

This year, they welcomed storytellers hailing from several origin countries; Bernard Moffroid from France, Alexander Ignath from Slovakia, Luly Medina from Mexico, Sandra Bardales from El Salvador, Maria Elena Avila Bustos from Colombia, and Gabriela Espinoza Alvarez from Mexico City.

The speakers were coached by Alya Howe of Writ Large. Howe established Writ Large in the Roaring Fork Valley as a dynamic way to bring true, unscripted stories to live audiences.

About English In Action

English in Action is a Roaring Fork Valley nonprofit whose mission is to build community and intercultural relationships through language development. English In Action connects volunteer tutors with adult students of all nationalities to help them learn English and to build cross-cultural friendships. The organization also hosts events, such as Immigrant Voices, to bring community members from diverse backgrounds together.

Learn more about English in Action: Website, Instagram, orFacebook.