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Aspen City Council Seeks Input On Affordable Housing Projects


The Aspen City Council is looking for public input on three different affordable housing projects.

The three projects are spread throughout Pitkin County: Burlingame Ranch, Water Place and Lumberyard. 

Contracts for the project were approved at the end of June with two different design companies. Once completed, some as early as 2022, the new buildings will provide, at most, just under 300 one- to three- bedroom units. 

Chris Everson, the affordable housing project manager, said his team is focused on talking with as many people as they can. He said through community outreach, his team wants to make sure they are accomodating the needs of Pitkin County's diverse community, and making people aware of the projects before construction begins. 

"I think a lot of folks don't see the activity until they see construction," Everson said. "But a lot of times, by the time you reach construction, you are already in the sixth or seventh inning of a nine-inning game."

The Affordable Housing Project Team is hosting a community open house on September 19th at the LimeLight Hotel in Aspen alongside Aspen Young Professionals Association, Next Generation Advisory Commission and the American Planning Association. 

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