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Aspen City Council To Hold Public Forum On Regulation Of Deadly Weapons In City-Owned Buildings

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A public hearing for controversial Ordinance Number 25 is being held Tuesday night at Aspen City Council’s meeting. The ordinance would regulate the possession of deadly weapons in city-owned buildings. 

The law would not extend to people carrying a concealed firearm and who possess concealed carry permits. Deadly weapons also include knives and any device that is intended to be used for death or serious bodily injury. 

Aspen City Council said members expressed a growing concern with increases in gun and deadly weapon violence throughout the country. The council said it wants city-owned buildings to be safe and available for residents and visitors. 

Councilmember Skippy Mesirow said he expects people to show up and have their voices heard.

“Obviously this is an issue that people have a lot of passion about on both sides,” he said.

Though Colorado is an open carry state, state law allows municipalities to regulate possession in city-owned buildings. 

The Aspen City Council meeting starts at 5 p.m. The public hearing for Ordinance Number 25 is near the end of the agenda.