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Glenwood Springs Applauds Federal Agency For Listening To Local Concerns

Molly Dove
Aspen Public Radio

Glenwood Springs officials are applauding the Bureau of Land Management’s decision to postpone approving a hydrology study by mining company Rocky Mountain Resources.

The company is looking to expand its limestone mining operations just north of Glenwood Springs by 5,000 percent.

Before the Bureau of Land Management can approve Rocky Mountain Resources’ expansion, the agency must first conduct baseline research. 

The mining company proposed the hydrology study in September as a part of that research. The study would look at the amount and quality of the water underneath the mining site. 

After receiving over 200 letters of concern from Glenwood Springs officials and residents, the Bureau of Land Management said Thursday it will first conduct an environmental assessment to investigate any potential impacts the hydrology study could have on the local landscape.

Credit Molly Dove / Aspen Public Radio
Aspen Public Radio
The current limestone mining operations at Rocky Mountain Resources' site just north of Glenwood Springs.

Mayor Jonathan Godes says the hydrology study could decimate the town’s resources for the popular hot springs. He says while he supports the Bureau of Land Management’s decision, he has his eye on the future.

“This isn’t a win in this proposal is defeated and it goes away forever. That is winning the war,” Godes said. “An environmental Assessment will provide the more thorough analysis necessary to understand potential impacts the drilling will have on the hydrological sources of our hot springs.”

The Bureau of Land Management will decide in early 2020 if the hydrology study will forth, after conducting the environmental assessment.

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