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Author Christopher McDougall’s best-seller “Born To Run” looked at what an obscure tribe of elite runners in Mexico could teach ultra-marathoners. He’s in town Tuesday to discuss what it's like to run with a donkey.

Wheeler Opera House

Welcome to another week in the Roaring Fork Valley! This is Week in the Arts, a curated list of upcoming exhibitions and events.

Courtesy of Pitkin County

Work begins Monday to hold back erosion along a stretch of the Crystal River, where Pitkin County Open Space and Trails says the river is undercutting the Crystal Trail.

The construction site is at highway 133 and Thomas Road, south of Carbondale, where the Crystal River bends toward the highway. The project will see heavy machinery in the river to modify the river channel, stabilize the bank and plant native vegetation.

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

A new space at the Aspen Art Museum aims to help people of all ages learn about contemporary art.

Elizabeth Strunk is the school, youth and family programs manager at the Aspen Art Museum. She says the Learning Lab on the museum's main floor is designed to be welcoming and educational.


"What we want this space to be," she said, "is a place where everybody can gain the knowledge and learn about at least one exhibition in the museum."

Alex Hager / Aspen Public Radio

Presidents Day weekend marks one of the busiest on the calendar for Roaring Fork Valley hotels, and this year is no exception.

The Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association says the long weekend lines up with Valentine’s Day and attracts Front Range visitors looking for a romantic getaway. Lisa Langer, the chamber’s director of tourism promotion, says she heard from about nine hotels that plan to be at or near capacity for part of the weekend.


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Carbondale is moving forward with plans to reduce traffic and improve bike and pedestrian access on 8th Street, which intersects Main Street near the end of downtown. The town says people raised concerns about narrow sidewalks and limited access for bikes on a street with plenty of car traffic in residential areas.

National Environmental Policy Act Turns 50 Amid New Challenges To Public Process

Feb 13, 2020
Marci Krivonen / Aspen Journalism

The National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, turned 50 years old on Jan. 1. A fundamental component of the law is public involvement. Projects such as a new ski lift, trail or natural-gas lease each receives a NEPA review, and most of the time the public weighs in. NEPA has evolved over the years, but the biggest change may come in a new proposal from President Donald Trump.

Will Breman, a semi-finalist on NBC’s reality singing competition “The Voice,” visits Aspen Saturday to perform at the annual Ascendigo Blue Aspen, hosted by a local nonprofit that supports those with autism and their families.

He brings with him a message about reshaping expectations for those on the spectrum. 

Molly Dove / Aspen Public Radio

Ever wonder why the high occupancy vehicle lane is on the right side of Highway 82? Aspen Public Radio's community advisory board member Ziska Childs did, and so she asked us to find out why. 

Most highways have HOV lanes set aside for multi-passenger cars and buses on the left-side, but not Highway 82, which runs from Basalt to Buttermilk.

Aspen Chapel Gallery

The Aspen Chapel Gallery is packed to the gills for the new exhibit “Passages,” which opens Wednesday.

Work from seventeen local artists is on display; the gallery normally only exhibits work from around ten.

Alex Hager / Aspen Public Radio

In the Roaring Fork Valley, it can be tough for people to find a place to live. Finding a place that is affordable and close to their workplace is harder still. That housing crunch means that businesses can have trouble retaining workers.

City of Glenwood Springs via Facebook

Glenwood Springs holds a ribbon cutting ceremony for the 27th Street Bridge at 2 pm. Wednesday. The bridge reopened in late December after months of construction and delays. Now, the city says things are running smoothly so far, and all that remains are a few finishing touches.

Elise Thatcher

Colorado is holding its first presidential primary in 20 years on March 3.

Ballots were mailed to registered voters on Feb. 10. If you are a registered as a Democrat or Republican, you will receive that party's ballot. If you are not registered with a party, you will be sent both party's primary ballots and will be allowed to only return one. 

Caito Foster Photography

Four professional poets hold writing workshops in area schools this week. The goal is to get students to see poetry -- and themselves -- in a new light. 

Colorado Mountain College

Welcome to another week in the Roaring Fork Valley! This is Week in the Arts, a curated list of upcoming exhibitions and events. 

Molly Dove / Aspen Public Radio

UPDATE 11:10 A.M.

Pitkin County officials say Watson Divide Road from Highway 82 to Snowmass Creek Road is closed to all traffic until further notice. If you live on Watson Divide Road, officials say you will have access through. 

Eagle County says their county government offices and departments will have reduced services today. Glenwood Springs City Hall has closed for the day. 

Carbondale Arts

A new study from the National Endowment for the Arts and the U.S. Census says that Colorado tops the nation when it comes to attending arts and culture events, like plays, concerts and art exhibits. 

The State‐Level Estimates of Arts Participation Patterns study, conducted once every five years, looks at how many adults participate in a wide variety of arts activities in each state.

Nancy Lovendahl

Nancy Lovendahl and Scott Keating have been partners in work and life for... well, even they can’t agree on how long. 

"Being two artists married for 45 years," said Keating, "and working together all that time—"


"Well, it’s more like thirty years," said Lovendahl.

Courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Novel coronavirus, a respiratory illness, has been making headlines around the world, leading to fears about its spread. Pitkin County health officials say risk of contracting the virus is low, especially for those without a history of travel to areas where it is being spread.

Joseph Deras started his new role last week as Glenwood Springs Chief of Police. He recently moved to the valley from Gilroy, CA, where he was police captain. Deras says he wanted to move to Glenwood Springs to leave behind the fast-paced lifestyle in California.

Morning Edition host and reporter Molly Dove visited Chief Deras in his office to talk about his new role. She asked about his transition to Roaring Fork Valley life.

Marble Historical Society

This weekend, visiting academics discuss how the geology of Marble and the Crystal River Valley shaped the area’s history at the Marble Museum Winter Open House. Five professors and authors will lead talks on everything from the Ute Indian and Redstone coal eras, to the geology of the West Elk Mountains.