Craig Kopp

Managing Editor

News veteran Craig Kopp leads the Aspen Public Radio news team. He brings experience from two public stations in Florida, WUSF and WMNF, as well as WNKU in Ohio. Craig also has a strong interest in podcasts and connecting locally.

“There’s something special about the Roaring Folk Valley. I felt it the first time I visited. My wife, Rhonda, felt it, too, when I brought her out for a visit. And, it’s not just the natural grandeur, it’s the people. Wherever we went it felt like we were already living there."

"I feel privileged to bring my radio experience to Aspen Public Radio,” he said. 

Roaring Fork Schools / Facebook

Three open seats on the Roaring Fork School Board will be contested in November, But, some candidates won’t have their names on the ballot.


After a five-month search, Sara Ott was named the new city manager. 

Ott was the top choice out of a field of 64 candidates. 

US Ski and Snowboard

Some of the best ski racers in the world will visit Aspen in March when Aspen Snowmass hosts the 2020 U.S. Alpine Tech Championships. 

Plague Fears Cancel Camping At Denver Phish Show

Aug 22, 2019

Thousands of people who planned to camp during three days of Phish concerts at a stadium outside Denver will no longer be able to because of concerns that fleas in and around nearby prairie dog burrows could spread the plague.

Colorado Court Rules On Electoral College Votes

Aug 22, 2019


A U.S. appeals court in Denver says Electoral College members can vote for the presidential candidate of their choice and are not bound by the popular vote in their states.