Elise Fitzsimmons

Membership Director

Elise finds constant inspiration in the Rocky Mountains and wants to live in a community of informed, engaged, and passionate locals. Hailing from Chicago, Elise fell in love with Aspen instantly while studying at the University of Colorado, Boulder. After graduating with a degree in sociology in 2011, Elise drove over the pass for the last time as a tourist and was ready to put down roots, yearning for the illusive qualifier of “Aspen Local”.  Over the past four years in the valley Elise has developed a deep sense of connection with those in the Roaring Fork; most notably through helping open Meat & Cheese in Aspen. To give back to the community she begun the Friendship Tree project in the winter of 2014. She is an avid reader and audiophile who loves travel, international cuisine, deep space and (like every good Aspenite) all things outside.

Ways to Connect


Stepping Stones is dedicated to cultivating strong mentoring relationships in community spaces for youth ages 10 to 21 to foster growth, compassion, and responsibility. 

Stepping Stones is dedicated to cultivating strong mentoring relationships in community spaces for youth ages 10 to 21 to foster growth, compassion, and responsibility. They believe that positive adult mentors are critical for healthy development. Kristin Nelson, founder, Kyle Crawley, Executive Director, Jonathan Greener Assistant Director, and Shannon, a youth at Stepping Stones, discuss Stepping Stones history and the importance of community spaces for youth in the Roaring Fork Valley. 

I visited the Anderson ranch gallery tucked away on the second floor of the administration building for a special opening reception. Wood carvings, ceramic sculptures, paintings, prints and mixed media pieces line the walls, hung from the ceiling and jut from the floor. Each piece on display, created by an intern. To learn more about the intern program visit AndersonRanch.org.

This week we visit with Brian Shure to discuss printmaking and the Edititions Program at Anderson Ranch. For a full list of available prints visit AndersonRanch.org 

This week on Audio Canvas we chat with artist Catherine Opie. 

This week on Audio Canvas, Anderson Ranch's Special Events Director Hailey Walsh talks to us about their annual auction. 

On this week's Canvas, we explore The Andrson Ranch's Friday auctionettes -- from an intern receiving a record high bid, to blasting Michael Jackson's jams.     

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This week on Audio Canvas we speak with the Ladd Brothers about their experience as visiting artists for the Anderson Ranch. 

From Ai Weiwei to Charles and Bunny Burson, Deputy Director Ashley Todey takes us through the dynamic lineup in the Summer Series: Artists and Conversations. Open to the public, more information can be found at AndersonRanch.org

This week on Audio Canvas we cover Katherine Bell and the Anderson Ranch's youth impact. The Children's Progam and Outreach Manager explains their program's intertwining of technology and art -- from designing robots through an artistic lens, to constructing a float for Aspen's July Fourth Parade. Learn more at andersonranch.org 

This week we speak with Michael Lorsung about how technology is aiding the creation of art at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Learn more about technology-based workshops at AndersonRanch.org.  Produced by Caroline Porterfeild. 

Andrea Wallace, Director of Programs, discusses the plethora of workshops at Anderson Ranch offered in 2018. From ceramics to digital fabrication - there are workshops for all ages and abilities designed to help you find your inner artist. For more information about scholarships and the workshops offers, visit AndersonRanch.org  

On the first episode of Audio Canvas, we go behind the scenes at Anderson Ranch Arts Center to talk with Executive Director, Nancy Wilhelms, about all of the ways the ranch is enriching lives with art, inspiration, and community this summer. 

On the final episode of this season's Audio Canvas, we meet Jody Guralnick, artist and curator, in her home studio to discuss the exhibition A tree is not a forest.

I spoke with Pamela Joseph, a multi-media artist, to discuss a Critical Dialogue panel on censorship across cultural contexts.   

This week on Audio Canvas, Hailey Walsh discussed all that the 37th Annual Art Auction on August 5th has to offer. 

This week on Audio Canvas, Sarah Thornton discusses a panel she will lead called Sisters on Top: Art-world professionals talk about Islam, Immigration and Ingenuity. The panel features Diana Al-Hadid, Hume Bhabha, and Leila Heller.