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Molly Dove

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Molly Dove graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism. She was a reporter and producer for KBIA while attending college. She most recently was a journalist with Wisconsin Public Radio.

"As the new Morning Edition host, I am excited to wake up and have my morning cup of coffee with our listeners while helping them stay informed and engaged with the local, state and national news of the day. It is not only an amazing opportunity to move to a beautiful part of the country, but it is also a privilege to tell the stories of the people and places that make up the community Aspen Public Radio is a part of," she says. 

WikiMedia / Colorado General Assembly

Voters in Pitkin, Garfield and Eagle Counties have the chance to talk with some of their current or vying state representatives before the upcoming 2020 election and legislative session. 

Democratic Candidate James Iacino of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District will be in Aspen on Friday, November 1 for a free meet and greet. He will be in the Community Room in the Aspen Police Department from 12:45 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.

Creative Commons/Google/US Navy

As of 2014, the average annual cost of childcare was anywhere from $16 to $18 thousand per child in Pitkin County. City of Aspen’s Kids First Childcare Financial Aid helps families bear that cost. The deadline to apply for that aid is Friday, November 1. 

To be eligible for the financial aid, families must work or live in Aspen’s urban growth boundary, which is the downtown area to just beyond the airport. Parents must work while the children are in daycare, and use a service within Pitkin County. The children in childcare must be five years or younger.

Elise Thatcher

The City of Aspen’s 2020 Budget is being discussed in city council before it’s finalized at the end of November. 

The city says the main goal of the budget is to increase the availability of affordable housing. One way they are doing that is through granting Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority (APCHA) a $404,700 subsidy for a new software called HomeTrek. 

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Rural Health Professions Action Plan

What are insurance tax credits? What are cost-sharing reductions? How do people enroll in health insurance?

Health insurance open enrollment is November 1 - December 15. To make sure Valley residents are prepared for that upcoming enrollment period, Garfield County Libraries is partnering with Mountain Family Health Centers to teach residents what they need to know to enroll and pick the right plan. 

Health Insurance 101 will help answer any questions about eligibility, enrollment and what terms like tax credits and cost-sharing mean. 

Morning Newscast: Friday, October 25, 2019

Molly Dove / Aspen Public Radio

Three different district seats are open on the Roaring Fork School District’s Board of Education, and the five candidates running for those open seats had a chance to debate at a candidate forum Wednesday night.

Three candidates are vying for the District D seat, which covers north and west Glenwood Springs areas. The candidates are Amy Connerton, incumbent Shane Larson and Jasmin Ramirez. 

Molly Dove / Aspen Public Radio

No one knows when it started, but for about the last ten years, pumpkins mysteriously pop up every October along Frying Pan Road in Basalt. Some pumpkins are big, some small, some orange, some white, some are left high up on the rocks, others down in the river. 

It has become a yearly game of “I-Spy” for locals. Legend has it, all the pumpkins come from the Pumpkin Fairy. 

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Colorado Fourteeners Initiative / Courtesy Photo

The Elk Mountain Range is home to fourteeners like Maroon Peak and Snowmass Mountain, and it has some of the best and most expensive approach trails in the state. That’s according to the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative’s (CFI) 2019 Fourteener Report Cards, which grade things like erosion or trail width.

In the Elk Mountain Range, North Maroon Peak was given an A, and Capitol and Maroon Peak’s were both given C+, which is better than a few years ago.

Morning Newscast: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Wikimedia Commons

A public hearing for controversial Ordinance Number 25 is being held Tuesday night at Aspen City Council’s meeting. The ordinance would regulate the possession of deadly weapons in city-owned buildings. 

The law would not extend to people carrying a concealed firearm and who possess concealed carry permits. Deadly weapons also include knives and any device that is intended to be used for death or serious bodily injury. 

Morning Newscast: Monday, October 21, 2019

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More than 17 million children are nearly hit every school year after getting off a school bus. Most of those incidents are because a car ignored the arm-stop sign from the bus. That is according to a survey by the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services.

To help make sure communities nationwide are aware of the rules when driving near a school bus, this week is designated National School Bus Safety Week. 

Molly Dove / Aspen Public Radio

Six candidates are vying for two open seats on the Aspen School District’s Board of Education. Aspen Media held the third and final forum of the week Thursday night. Much of the conversation focused on teachers and how they are paid, and the district’s culture and climate. 

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Colorado Health Institute /

Every two years, the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) releases the Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS). This year’s results show residents in the Roaring Fork Valley struggle to afford medical care. 

In the Health Statistics Region 12 (HSR 12), which includes Eagle, Pitkin and Garfield Counties, 14.3% of residents are uninsured. That is up nearly 4% from 2017, and more than double the state’s 6.5%

Tom Minckley / SCREE

A group of 63 scientists, artists, journalists and students spent part of the summer traveling 1,000 miles down the Colorado River to inform strategies to protect the future of the river. The expedition’s leader will speak at Basalt High School Wednesday about their adventure and observations.

John Wesley Powell’s Colorado River Exploring Expedition team traveled down the Colorado River in May 1869 to explore the unknown west, take scientific measurements, and map the region with the rest of the country. 

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Molly Dove / Aspen Public Radio

Since kindergarten, students in Aspen School District are taught about the great outdoors, but never about how to work in the wilderness. 

Aspen High School is now offering a class that teaches and certifies students to work in the recreation and tourism industry, and their classroom goes beyond the four walls.  

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Pitkin County /

Pitkin County 911 dispatchers will be among the few in the country, and the first in Colorado, to now be recognized as first responders. 

All Pitkin County emergency dispatchers are trained to give potentially lifesaving instructions over the phone, like CPR, childbirth and bleeding control. In the first six months of 2019, emergency dispatchers in the county have provided medical guidance to over 200 callers. 

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