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Sam Fuqua

Sam Fuqua is an award-winning radio journalist who has worked in public media since 1990, including over 20 years on the staff of KGNU, the community public radio station serving Boulder/Denver. He co-hosts KGNU's quarterly call-in program focused on conflict resolution.

  • Repair it or replace it? Most of us face that choice at least a few times a year. When a home appliance, a mobile phone or another piece of technology stops working, we may not know how to repair it ourselves. There’s a growing number of do-it-yourself organizations and advocates that are helping de-mystify repair work and reduce the amount of fixable stuff that gets thrown away.
  • The push to compost as much food waste as possible in Boulder County suffered a setback earlier this year. The largest composting facility on the Front Range started turning away truckloads of food waste due to contamination. Some of those trucks were carrying food from school cafeterias, including from the Boulder Valley School District.
  • November 11 is Veteran’s Day, a federal holiday set aside to honor military veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Many combat veterans still struggle with the trauma of their war experiences. There’s a large sculpture project taking shape in Boulder County that is helping veterans heal through art.
  • After a COVID-related break, Boulder has reinstated a requirement that food businesses report what they’re doing to comply with the city’s zero waste ordinance. Restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops and almost all other businesses involved with food are supposed to be doing their part to reduce waste.