Scott Harper

Host - "Tuesday Nite Straight Ahead", Jazz from Aspen

Scott Harper is the host of Jazz from Aspen. 

Scott began his career as a deejay on Aspen Public Radio in 1997 and his show Tuesday Nite Straight Ahead has been a mainstay of “straight ahead” jazz programming in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond ever since.

Scott can’t think of a better way to get the word out than by simply playing the music.  “Being a deejay has forced me to stay current with what’s happening in jazz.  I try to present newer and developing artists each week as well the greats like Miles, Coltrane, Horace Silver, Bill Evans, Stan Getz and many more. Hearing some of the new artists coming on the scene in recent years has convinced me that jazz is alive and well and may even be gaining a wider audience than it’s seen in quite awhile. And, I love the feedback I get from my listeners. When I get calls from folks saying ‘who was that you just played? It was beautiful’ or simply ‘thanks for the great music’ it’s what keeps me going.”

In addition to sharing his love of jazz on Tuesday nights Scott serves on the Board of Directors of Jazz Aspen Snowmass and promises he’ll keep on lobbying to bring live jazz to the Roaring Fork Valley whenever and wherever possible. The JAS café downstairs at the Nell has been a huge success, bringing major jazz artists to the valley for a continuing series of sold out shows over the past two years, evidence that real jazz is definitely happening!

When he’s not listening to or proselytizing for jazz Scott can often be found playing the guitar, road bicycling, skiing, fly fishing or otherwise enjoying the beauty and bounty of Western Colorado.

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