Stu Huck

Host - Jazz from Aspen

Stu Huck is a host of Jazz from Aspen. 

Stu can’t remember exactly how long he has been a volunteer DJ at Aspen Public Radio. It was either 1989 or 1990 that he first signed on and started playing Jazz. For a little while it was on Sunday nights for just two hours. When a three hour gig on Thursday night opened up he jumped at the chance and has been playing Jazz On A Thursday Night ever since. Now an Aspen institution, Jazz On A Thursday Night With Stu Huck is a signature sound for Aspen Public Radio; a delight to the ears for Jazz neophytes and aficionados alike. Like all DJs, Stu loves radio because it makes him much taller. In real life, Stu is a graphic artist, photographer, teacher, advertising guru, bon vivant and man about town. He loves Jazz because it sounds so good that it just makes life better.

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