Will Kahn

Host - The Will Kahn Show

Born and raised in New York City, Will moved to Aspen with his family in 2007. He is currently attending The Cate School, a boarding school in Carpinteria, California. He is a self-proclaimed “music fanatic”, and listens to a wide array of genres, including independent and classic rock, ambient electronic music, electronica and hip hop. When not listening, and discovering new music, or writing history papers, Kahn can be found playing bass guitar with his band in Aspen and loves pick-up basketball games. He listens to artists such as Lou Reed, Radiohead, Moby and Massive Attack, and is always looking for new and exciting artists.

In addition to hosting The Will Kahn Show, Kahn will be working as an assistant producer for Aspen Public Radio’s Check 1, 2 with Daniel Shaw.