2017 community survey released in Aspen

Dec 12, 2017

An annual community survey shows Aspenites are mainly satisfied with their quality of life.

But when it comes to rating services provided directly by the city, only 53 percent say they are satisfied. This includes categories such as street repairs and city utilities.

Whereas in 2007, 97 percent of respondents marked they were either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with services. This year, that number is 83 percent.

Just like last year, only 15 percent rated “the job the City does listening to residents” as “excellent.”

Outside of city services, big concerns for residents include the high cost of healthcare and childcare. 79 percent marked that they “strongly agree” or “agree” that they have adequate housing.

The majority of the surveys’ 294 respondents have lived in Aspen for more than 10 years.