ACRA to get 5 year lease in Power Plant

Mar 26, 2018

Credit aspensciencecenter.org

The Aspen Chamber Resort Association will likely be housed within the city-owned old Power Plant through at least 2022.

A new lease agreement between ACRA and the City of Aspen will come before city council on Monday evening.

It lays out the terms allowing ACRA to rent out the bottom floor of the Mill St. building while new city offices are built at Galena Plaza, where the chamber had previously been located.

The non profit will pay the city about $4000 a month, or just under $20 a square foot. ACRA is also expected to pay 40 percent of the building utilities, which they share with city offices that occupy the second floor.

The agreement acknowledges that the lease term is meant to last through the building of the new civic plaza. As part of that development, the city is accounting for ACRA remaining in city-owned property, either in the new building or in what is now City Hall, the armory building on Galena and Hopkins.