Alpine Bank To Loan Furloughed Federal Workers A Paycheck

Jan 14, 2019

Credit Alpine Bank

Alpine Bank will loan money to federal workers who haven’t been paid because of the government shutdown.

Federal employees who are furloughed can get a loan for the equivalent of up to one month of their income. Once the shutdown is over, they’ll have six months, interest-free, to pay back Alpine Bank.


Glen Jammaron, President of Alpine Bank, says the bank is happy to help and, of course, hopes this effort means more customers down the road.


"'Hey, these guys stepped forward to help me and, by the way, we like way they take care of us once we’re here.' I hope those [customers] stick," he said.


Alpine Bank has supported furloughed workers in the mid-1990s and again in 2013. Jammaron says several hundred people took the bank up on their offer during the last shutdown.