Anderson Ranch artists created Snowmass 50th's Selfie Station Chair

Dec 15, 2017

Courtney Wittrig and Bradley Leitner were visiting the Snowmass Village Mall Thursday from Las Vegas, NV.
Credit Claire Woodcock / Aspen Public Radio

Snowmass Ski Area celebrates its 50th anniversary this weekend. Among the festivities is a ski-themed selfie station at the Snowmass Village Mall. It's a product of a group of artists from Anderson Ranch.

Michael Lorsung is the studio coordinator for sculpture at Anderson Ranch. He designed the selfie station for the Town of Snowmass Village, and ranch interns Hank Weaver and Leah Aegerter fabricated it.

It looks like an Adirondack chair, but with multi-colored skis from various eras lining the back.The bench is big enough for two people or three good friends. Lorsung said it was important for both the selfie station’s utilitarian design and symbolism to be visible in people’s photographs.


“The skis kind of rise above the heads of the people who are there and also hold the logo for the 50th anniversary," he said.


The massive weekend long celebration in Snowmass Village also includes $6.50 lift tickets today along with a 1960s retro dance party, a town-wide scavenger hunt known as banana days and athletic competitions.