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Anderson Ranch's Andrea Wallace Turns Her Lens On Boyhood In Decade-Long Project

Jan 17, 2020

"Water Guns"
Credit Andrea Wallace

Anderson Ranch director of photography and new media Andrea Wallace has been taking pictures of her son and his best friend for the past decade, as part of a project that looks at boyhood, friendship and the construction of gender.

A selection of her photographs are on display as part of an exhibition of work from three art directors at the Snowmass Village center.


Wallace started documenting the boys when they were toddlers. 

"When boys are young, their gender is more fluid, if they’re allowed that," she said. "Even the way that they relate to each other, in terms of intimacy, there’s a feminine aspect to it."

She says her two subjects, teenagers now, are starting to become more traditionally masculine, something that makes her both hopeful and concerned. 

Wallace plans to continue the project until the boys turn 18. 

Brian Shure’s Japanese-inspired pen and ink paintings and Liz Ferrill’s screen paintings, which capture scenes from urban landscapes, are also on display. Wallace says it’s not often that work from all three appears in the same gallery.  

"We rarely show work together, so it's really nice to have a group show," she said.


The Artistic Director's Exhibition is on display through the end of the week.