App brings ASE-DIA flights to fingertips

Jul 31, 2017

Credit Courtesy Photo/Blackbird

Beginning Aug. 7, travelers looking to fly between Denver and Aspen can use an app to book a seat on a chartered plane.

  Blackbird CEO Rudd Davis called his app an alternative to I-70 traffic, for a lower price than flying the route on commercial airlines. Users book a space on a charter jet managed by Blackbird. Because bigger planes come at a lower price point, ticket costs will drop as demand rises.

“Aviation is a completely different animal and we’ve built a model that we think really ultimately delivers what people are looking for,” said Davis. “As people begin to use the product it’s really gonna get down to a price point that is consistently comparable to renting a car.”

Davis launched the app in California earlier this year. It’s been so popular that flights between Palo Alto and Lake Tahoe are now $120. Beginning flights between Aspen and Denver are estimated to be above  $400. Commercial flights are consistently $500- $600 or higher.

Because flights booked on Blackbird go through private terminals, passengers are not required to go through TSA screening, and may arrive just 15 minutes before takeoff.