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APR Special: Spotlight Health 2015, Show #4

Mar 31, 2015


Good afternoon you’re listening to Spotlight Health on Aspen Public Radio. This is the fourth episode in our series on critical health issues.

Today we’ll hear from a health expert who noticed patients spend a lot of time in hospitals without much to do and how that changes when there is art and music in the building.

“I witnessed moments where patients would listen to the concert, and that could be the last beautiful thing they’ve heard.”

We’ll talk with a long time food and politics writer about health trends at restaurants and what the science says about a popular morning ritual.

“Everything is sort of remarkably good about coffee. And that might be there’s a bias among researchers-- they can’t bear the thought of giving up coffee, so they’re only looking for good news.”

That’s coming up here on Spotlight Health.

Guests: Dr. Iva Fattorini, Chair of the Cleveland Clinic's Global Arts & Medicine Institute and founder Artocene; & Corby Kummer, Senior Editor with The Atlantic.