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APR Special: Spotlight Health 2015, Show #6

Apr 14, 2015


Good afternoon, you’re listening to Spotlight Health on Aspen Public Radio. This is the final episode in our series on critical health issues.

Today we’ll hear about something called Doctor in a Box.

“It’s telemedicine that you can have in the privacy of your own home, or you can actually take the kit with you while you’re traveling and have consistent access to health care.”

The idea comes from a firm who also came up with a bike you probably saw on facebook or twitter last year. Yes, we’ll hear where the Denny Bike is now.

“There is something special about riding a bike. There’s an experience that I think we all develop as young kids. A love of two wheeled vehicles at your own speed, at your own will.”

Later in the hour, we’ll hear from another design firm that focuses on the buildings we work or live in especially where we see doctors and nurses.

“The way we think about architecture-- at least the way I had [been] taught an architect-- was totally different if we think about it both from the perspective of the user as well as the builder.”

That’s coming up here on Spotlight Health.

Guests: Matt Schoenholz, Head of Design at Teague in Seattle, & Michael Murphy, Co-Founder and Executive Director of MASS Design Group in Boston.