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'Art Saves Lives' Scholarship Recipients Selected

Jan 25, 2020

Still from the film "The Mask You Live In," which focuses on toxic masculinity. The film will be screened at area libraries as part of the "Art Saves Lives" scholarship program.

The new “Art Saves Lives” scholarship is meant to encourage creative projects that address mental health issues in the Roaring Fork Valley. The scholarship was divided four ways in its inaugural year.

Part of the funds will go toward artist Charles Morris, whose project brings screenings of “The Mask You Live In” to area libraries.

The film explores raising emotionally-mature boys. Workshops will accompany each screening.


Another portion will pay for photographer Nanette Weinhold to enroll in a course from local artist Wewer Keohane, who founded the scholarship along with Carbondale Arts. 

The rest of the money will go toward art therapy training for two recipients. 

Keohane says projects were selected based on local impact. 

"These four people are so deeply sincere about using their talents to benefit our community," she said.

Each recipient will host at least one community event on the school-bus-turned-mobile-art-studio Rosybelle later this year.