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Art Sparks Mindfulness As Roaring Fork Insight Comes To Aspen Art Museum

Jan 1, 2020

Gallery view of Abraham Cruzvillegas’s current Aspen Art Museum exhibition Hi, how are you, Gonzo? (October 18, 2019–January 26, 2020).
Credit Aspen Art Museum

Art meets mindfulness at the Aspen Art Museum this weekend when Roaring Fork Insight leads an event that uses contemporary art as a jumping-off point for meditation. 

Lisa Goddard founded the organization, which works to bring mindfulness practices to the community. 

On Sunday, she’ll lead a guided meditation in Abraham Cruzvillegas’ current exhibit at the museum, “Hi How Are You, Gonzo.” 

Goddard says art can help people to become more aware of their feelings and reactions. 

"What would it be to step away from our fixed view and just simply be with what’s in front of us? Without these strong views: this is a pleasant piece or an unpleasant piece," she said.


Pieces of artwork will be labeled with instructions asking the viewer to pay attention to their bodies, their feelings and their reactions to what they’re seeing. Attendees will also be given notebooks to write about their experience. 

The guided meditation, which begins Sunday at 4 p.m., is one of a series of activations of the exhibit led by community organizations.