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Arte En Espanol welcomes Spanish speakers to Aspen Art Museum

Mar 1, 2018

Photo from Family Portraits
Credit Metzly Esparza / Aspen Art Museum

On Sunday, the Aspen Art Museum will host an afternoon of activities entirely in Spanish. 

Arte en Espanol is aimed at welcoming Hispanic families to the museum.

It includes the opening of the exhibit Retratos Familiares, or Family Portraits. It features photos of past Arte en Espanol participants.

Michelle Dezember is the learning director at the Aspen Art Museum. She says that the exhibit is a way to give back to the families who participated.

“That’s a kind of new initiative for us, to actually make visible some of these families that often don’t see themselves reflected in Aspen or at the museum.”

Guided tours will be offered in Spanish and museum-goers can make art as a part of a interactive sculpture activity.  

Dezember says that even though Spanish will be the primary language of the museum on Sunday, Arte en Espanol is about integrating the entire community.  

“Anyone is welcome to come. All you have to do is be curious about art in Spanish.”

Arte En Espanol is from 3-5 pm this Sunday.