Aspen airport: short and squat, or long and flat? And what about 737s?

Mar 7, 2016

John Kinney is Director of the Aspen Pitkin County Airport.
Credit Elise Thatcher

The Aspen Pitkin County Airport is working on an Environmental Assessment of a new runway and terminal. The airport plan has been through several rounds of comment and review.

With all that feedback — and guidance from county commissioners — the county has scrapped its proposal to move Owl Creek Road. Airport director John Kinney and others also nixed a second private jet facility.

Now officials are reviewing what a new terminal could look like and how to revamp the runway. The latter would mean making the runway wider and moving it 80 feet to the west. Kinney says the design for the terminal is still conceptual. It would be about 150 yards closer to the Buttermilk ski area, but officials are considering two different footprints. Aspen Public Radio’s Elise Thatcher talks with Kinney about where the Environmental Assessment is now.



Pitkin County is taking more comments on the proposed changes. You can find that link by clicking here. The next deadline is at the end of the month. Kinney and other officials are meeting with Aspen City Council later this month.