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Aspen Center For Environmental Studies Welcomes New Golden Eagle

Dec 20, 2019

Credit Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

A non-releasable golden eagle from Frisco Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Del Norte, Colorado, has taken up residence at its new home at Hallam Lake. The eagle was found with a broken wing approximately 30 miles from Great Sand Dunes National Park in November 2018. 

While the bird was at Frisco Creek, Colorado Parks and Wildlife rehabilitators determined that the bird’s wing injury was severe enough that the eagle would not be able to return to the wild.

The bird's unusually calm demeanor led them to reach out to ACES after learning about the organization’s loss of its golden eagle, who lived at Hallam Lake from 1982 until her death in May 2019.

ACES staff visited Frisco Creek to meet the eagle in August before applying to have it transferred to ACES as an educational raptor. Last week, the transfer was approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The eagle is currently on display in its enclosure at Hallam Lake. Beginning in January, ACES raptor handlers will begin a training program with the new eagle.