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Aspen Chapel Gallery's Annual 'Small Wonders' Has A Bayer-Related Backstory

Nov 18, 2019

Credit Michael Bonds / Aspen Chapel Gallery

The annual Aspen Chapel Gallery show “Small Wonders” features works of art that are no larger than 12 inches by 12 inches. The show's inspiration was tied to Herbert Bayer, a Bauhaus artist who spent much of his career working in Aspen.



Tom Ward is co-director of the Aspen Chapel Gallery. He says in the 1970s, Bayer created a model of a museum and filled the walls with tiny pictures. This inspired Ward to feature small pieces of art in a show at his own private gallery. 

He brought the idea with him to the Aspen Chapel over 15 years ago, replacing a holiday quilt show with “Small Wonders.” 

The work of 32 local artists is on display this year. Ward says the art might be small, but the variety is huge. 

"Watercolor, oils, ceramics, mixed media, found objects, there’s a woman doing felted hats," he said.

The show also features wood and leather carvings. 

The gallery partners with Holiday Baskets, which supplies Roaring Fork Valley families with food and gifts, for "Small Wonders."

An opening reception starts Wednesday at 5 p.m.