Aspen to create first ‘bike box’

Sep 26, 2017

Plans for a protected bike lane and bike box at the intersection of Mill Street and Main Street in Aspen.
Credit City of Aspen

The city is working to make a busy Aspen intersection safer for cyclists.


The intersection of Mill and Main Street, by the iconic Hotel Jerome, was re-worked last year, changing the traffic flow to include a left-turn-only lane. That has caused a backup for traffic attempting to go straight or make right hand turns, making it dangerous for cyclists trying to turn left, as they weave through the chain of cars.


The city will now spend $143,000 to reconfigure the lanes. The current straight away will become a right-turn-only lane, and the left lane will revert to left turns, as well as traffic crossing Main, or going straight. A center strip between the lanes will be painted green, allowing for cyclists to cross to the left lane. A “bike box” will also be set up, which allows for bikes to trigger the signal from the front of the line of traffic.

The work should start next month and may involve a couple of days of traffic re-routing.


An august, 2016 photo showing traffic backing up in the right-hand turn lane along Mill Street.
Credit Carolyn Sackariason/Aspen Public Radio News