Aspen Goes For Gold In Bikeability

Sep 11, 2018

Credit Aspen Public Radio

The City of Aspen is looking for feedback on cycling infrastructure. An online survey asks Aspen bicyclists what the city is doing well, and what can be improved for biking.

Aspen is currently recognized as a silver-level bicycle-friendly city by "Bicycle Friendly America,” a non-profit that sets the national standard for bikeability.

Aspen has been designated as “silver” since 2012. The rating recognizes the high percentage of bike commuters and bike trails, as well as Aspen’s bicycle education in schools, according to its most recent report card from the non-profit.

The report card, however, also points to poor law enforcement for protecting bicyclists' safety and right-of-way. According to Amelia Neptune with Bicycle Friendly America, Aspen needs to improve in some key areas if the city wants to receive the highest level of recognition.

"Making sure that roadways account for safe places for bikes to be when they’re on the road and not on a trail. Obviously, there’s still room for improvement," said Neptune.

Feedback from the survey will be combined with the nonprofit's assessment of Aspen’s bike infrastructure to determine if it will receive a gold designation in November. The survey is online now.