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Aspen Ideas Festival 2017: Deep Dive- Lying, BSing and the Meaning of Truth

Jun 26, 2017

Geoffrey Stone, Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law at University of Chicago

When is the truth the truth, a lie a lie, and what constitutes mere BS in an era that many refer to as “post-truth”? This panel addresses the kinds of critical and largely ethical questions we confront in our modern-day discourse, exploring the intent of the First Amendment (does it protect lies?), the reasons we lie (or, in fact, are we just strategically misleading?), and, through the lens of a lawyer, a fact checker, and a scientist, the ways various of us define and “get to” the truth.

Panelists include Geoffrey StoneLarissa MacFarquharFred DustDrew EndyRussell MuirheadYudhijit BhattacharjeeYvonne RolzhausenJack Rakove and Neal Katyal.