Aspen Ideas Festival 2018: Creating Space For Music With Frank Gehry

Jun 30, 2018

Michael Eisner and Frank Gehry onstage at Greenwald Pavillion
Credit Ryer Gardenswartz / Aspen Public Radio News

Acoustics, intimacy, clarity: One could argue that how and where we listen to music is as important to the experience as the music itself. “The orchestra has to feel the audience, the audience has to feel the orchestra,” said architect Frank Gehry on his design of the Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin, which opened in 2017. “When they do that, the orchestra plays better, and the audience hears better.” What is it about design that brings music to life?  



 Gehry, who has designed numerous buildings for music and theatrical performance, will share his perspectives with a formidable client, Michael Eisner, a driving force behind the creation and construction of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Produced in collaboration with the Aspen Institute Arts Program.