Aspen Ideas Festival 2018: One Year Later: Moving Charlottesville (And America) Forward

Jun 25, 2018

Jamelle Bouie, chief political correspondent for Slate magazine and a political analyst for CBS News.
Credit Aspen Ideas Festival

Charlottesville, the iconic home of Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and the University of Virginia, is now also permanently associated with the 2017 white supremacist hate rallies — and their tragic outcome. Why did those groups choose Charlottesville? What was the impact of the violence on the community, and how has the city worked to move forward? What has Charlottesville learned, and what can it teach America about healing and resilience in a time of resurging hate and divisiveness?



Moderated by Jamelle Bouie.  Panelists include Melody Barnes, Leslie Greene Bowman and Michael Signer.